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I was born in wartime Yugoslavia and moved to Greece when I was eight. Growing up, I was always a bit of a creative non-conformist, expressing myself through writing, art, and sports. Those early experiences shaped who I am today, and I still carry that same drive to succeed and a deep appreciation for people, always ready to share knowledge and lend a hand.

While I might lean towards being introverted, those who know me through activities I love, like playing tennis, might see a different side. I’m a deep thinker and love tackling tough problems, always aiming for perfection. My friends would describe me as smart and straightforward, and I've worked hard to improve my people skills and understand the value of collaboration.

At work, I build strong relationships with my colleagues and value professionalism. I enjoy taking on challenging tasks and find great satisfaction in overcoming obstacles. When things get tough, I'm the person you can count on to find a solution and get through it together.


Let's keep pushing forward!

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with extensive experience in the advertising industry. My skills span across Adobe Suite, concepts, branding and identity, VFX, video editing, and 3D animation. Passionate about creating impactful visual experiences, I thrive on bringing ideas to life and pushing creative boundaries.

Feel free to reach out for collaborations or just to chat about all things design!

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