DALL·E 2022-11-10 00.18.52 - Tempera on canvas Renaissance painting of graphic design tool

The Full Story_

I was born in wartime Yugoslavia, at the age of 8 my family migrated to Greece, where I grew up. I was always a creative, and non-conformist individual since childhood. Had a  turbulent time growing up and found a way to express myself through writing, art & sports. Fast forward to today I still have the same core motivations to succeed in life and still carry that immigrant mentality. I know how to respect and be grateful to people, I like to share things, whether it's knowledge or materials, and help those who need me.

As far as my personality I am leaning towards introversion, but some people think differently, especially those who know me from activities that I love to do, like playing tennis for example. I am a deep thinker and quite obsessive with solving problems or pushing something to its potential perfection. Friends characterize me as smart and straightforward, but I have made progress in my people skills and understand the collaboration process and its importance way better today.

In my working environment, I have always had good relationships with all co-workers and I tend to value people who act in a professional manner at work. From the tasks I have taken care of I understood that I enjoy hard tasks and challenges, and feel satisfaction engaging in them.


I am a multidisciplinary creative always em-brassing new skills & constantly working towards multilayered solutions to the challenge. A student for life & a passionate visual communicator that will never shy away from a hard task.